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Support Honduran Women Workers on International Women’s Day

Here is an action to take to support women today, International Women’s Day: (from the International Labor Rights Forum)

Today — on International Women’s Day — International Labor Rights Forum stands in solidarity with Honduran women workers who face forced pregnancy tests, verbal abuse, and sexual harassment on melon plantations. These women toil for long hours with regular exposure to toxic chemicals. With burned, blistered skin and with respiratory problems and stomach illnesses caused by long-term chemical exposure, their options for medical treatment are limited.

When Suragro-Fyffes and other melon companies fail to pay into Social Security, workers’ only remaining option is to seek healthcare from the company. The new, joint ILRF-COSIBAH report shows the failings of company clinics, reporting cases of pregnant women losing their jobs after visiting a company doctor and an incident of a woman who lost her finger in an accident who didn’t receive coverage for the amputation until COSIBAH mobilized pressure on the company and the Labor Ministry.

Melon workers want change in their working conditions, but they are hired for temporary contracts that severely undermine their ability to unionize. That’s why COSIBAH — a Honduran agricultural trade union — has asked us to amplify their call for respect for workers’ rights.

Please click here to sign COSIBAH’s petition!

Thank you,
Liana Foxvog
National Organizer
International Labor Rights Forum

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