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Part 1 of “Fair Trade From the Seed to the Consumer”: Organic Cotton Farming

In recognition of Fair Trade Month, Marigold Fair Trade Clothing is starting a new blog series entitled: “Fair Trade From the Seed to the Consumer.” Our beautiful, fashion-forward products represent a completely fair trade supply chain, and you can be assured that from the cotton seed to the finished product, your Marigold purchase is helping to transform the lives of workers and their communities. Holding true to our value of transparency, and in an effort to educate and advocate for the Fair Trade model, we are opening up, and explaining, our complete value chain to the consumer public.

In Part 1 of our series, we will explore the first link in the Marigold supply chain: Organic Cotton Farming.

For the past three years, and especially since the summer of 2010, Marigold has been expanding our line to include more organic cotton products, while staying committed to fair trade and artisan design. We believe that it is important to support farming that does not employ harmful practices and that protects both the environment and the workers.

Marigold plays a part in growing the movement by offering clothing and housewares made from organic cotton that does not use agro chemicals that destroy our environment by contaminating water supplies, destroying soil nutrients, and harming wildlife. Along with the environmental impact of industrial practices, farmers also suffer from exposure to chemicals and experience ailments such as severe skin and digestion problems, and fatal diseases, including cancer.

In addition to having to deal with on the job health issues, cotton farmers in India often do not receive a fair enough price to cover production costs and many have been forced to borrow money at extortionate rates. Unable to repay debts or support their families, suicide is common, and in the Amravati district of Maharashtra alone, there are 5,000 farmer suicides every year. Over the past two years Marigold has been buying our organic cotton from an organization based in Andrah Pradesh that helps farmers to escape the spiraling debt and increase their income by 50%. Since the organization started working in 2006 there have been no suicides amongst the 6,000 farmers we work with. Through our company’s cotton sourcing standards, farmers have regained their dignity through self determination and through fair trading conditions.

Stay tuned next week for Part 2: Cloth Production and Block Printing. In the mean time, what are your thoughts on organic farming practices? Do you think it’s important to support the movement through your purchases of organic cotton clothing and other products?


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Fair Trade Month is Here!

Fair Trade Month 2010 is officially here and this year’s theme is “Every Purchase Matters.” This is a great time for all of us to reflect on the things we buy and try to be more conscious consumers. Every time you purchase a Fair Trade product, you are voting with your dollars and telling the world that you care about who produced your product, where, and under what conditions. This month, make it a priority to engage your friends, family and colleagues in discussions about Fair Trade- your involvement and passion can and will inspire others!

In honor of Fair Trade Month, Marigold will:

  • Hold multiple contests on our blog, and Twitter and Facebook pages, where readers can win FREE products every week during the month of October.
  • Sponsor and adopt October 21 through our partner Transfair USA– make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get all the details!
  • Offer an exclusive coupon code to those people who find out about us and make an online purchase during Fair Trade Month
  • Host events in Olympia, WA and New York, NY, on Thursday October 21st, where we will debut our Fall 2010 collection and screen our documentary, while serving guests delicious fair trade wine and chocolates!
  • and more!

This is an exciting time for Marigold and for the Fair Trade movement in general.  And just as a heads up, stay tuned for BIG NEWS coming from us during the month of October….

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